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Platinum Platforms

Gold Platforms

Why Yahoo Commerce Central?

Let Yahoo Commerce Central work with your ecommerce platform to help you increase revenue by providing a fully white-labeled Internet marketing solution.

Increase revenue

Attract more customers and keep them longer. Yahoo Commerce Central helps you decrease customer churn and increase customer acquisition by giving your merchants a tool to increase their own sales. Generate additional revenue by sharing in your customers’ marketing spend. Your platform gets paid whenever your customers spend money to promote their stores.

Fully white-labeled

Maintain your customer relationships. Yahoo Commerce Central is fully white-labeled, working seamlessly behind the scenes so you can focus on your customers.


Your merchants can advertise on all the channels they want. Yahoo Commerce Central manages advertising across multiple channels, including search, display, social, shopping, and remarketing.

Automated advertising for your merchants

Make advertising easy for your merchants. Yahoo Commerce Central automates keyword, ad, and campaign generation and bid optimization for your platform’s merchants. In addition, your onboarding experience is scalable and seamless--your merchants will be up and running in 10 minutes.

Simple and affordable

Give your merchants an affordable and time-saving advertising solution, no matter their level of experience. Yahoo Commerce Central lets your platform’s merchants advertise for as little as $10 per day and spend only 15 minutes per week managing their advertising.

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