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  • Did you know you should get 100% of your money-back when a FedEx or UPS shipment is late -even by 1 minute?

  • Takes 71(!) seconds to sign-up. We audit your shipments. You collect your refunds

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Did you know you are entitled to a full refund if your shipment is late?

71lbs audits FedEx & UPS shipping accounts and automatically claims refunds for any late deliveries - even by 60 seconds.

It is a "Set it & Forget it" system.

Last year $2 Billion dollars were left on the table from unclaimed shipping refunds. Both FedEx & UPS offer a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee (MBG) for any late shipment. Sign up with 71lbs and never miss another refund.

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  • We only make money if we get you refunds