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  • Generate leads and sales with our ready-to-launch campaigns

  • Run promotions directly from your store

  • Expand your reach with automated marketing campaigns

  • Keep track of your ROI and duplicate past campaigns

App Features:

Quick and easily promote your store

Engage your target audience with fully blown campaigns that are customized for your business and generate more leads and sales. Launch campaigns that include social posting, advertising, email marketing, and run them across the most popular channels.


Generate traffic from everywhere

Promote your business and bring in traffic using Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, and advertising, by using Appforma's platform to send a unified message that will create a real impact and expand your reach to new customers.

Turn your traffic into real customers

Take advantage of the social promotions included in Appforma's platform to capture information about users (their gender, email, birthdays), and make use of all the built in tools that will help you convert visitors and turn anonymous traffic into real customers.


Launch campaigns in a way that will bring back customers

Nurture sales and leads with Appforma’s built in Loyalty program that helps you keep in touch with loyal customers and reward them with special offers for their birthdays and special events. Stay in touch with loyal customers in a way that will keep them coming back.