Grasshopper Turn the World Into Your Office

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  • Get a toll free or local number for your business

  • Keep business calls separate from personal calls

  • Get voicemails emailed to you as audio attachments


Get a Toll Free or Local Number with Multiple Extensions

For both a local and national presence, you can get a toll free and a local number for your business. Add department & employee extensions easily for every member of your team.

Make Calls Showing Your Grasshopper Caller ID

When you need to call a client from your cell, use the Grasshopper mobile app to make calls showing your Grasshopper phone number, instead of your cell phone number. Callers will never know you're calling from your mobile phone.

Sound Professional and Stay Connected to Your Customers

Turn the world into your office with a toll free or local number from Grasshopper that forwards calls to your mobile phone. Get your calls wherever you are – at home, on vacation, or in the car!